South Australian business owner John Marsh has a spring in his step keeping manufacturing expertise in South Australia.

His business, Industrial Springs and Steel, continues a South Australian family tradition of spring manufacturing that began in 1935 and was almost lost to this state.

In early 2016, John’s family made the decision to close its third generation spring manufacturing business, Industrial Engineers and Spring Makers.

The business was no longer viable in its previous format as a result of increased import competition.

However, John saw an opportunity to start over and establish a new manufacturing centre focusing on more sustainable areas of local spring manufacturing and supply.

One year on, business is strong.

Industrial Springs and Steel designs, manufactures and supplies custom coil and tension springs and wire forms, round and flat spring steel, spring washers and U-bolts.

Based in Dry Creek, its spring customers include manufacturers, mining and industrial companies, engineering firms, railways and manufacturers of trailers, caravans and trucks.

Its springs are also used widely across South Australia’s agricultural sector in farm machinery as well as by individual farmers needing springs for replacement parts.

The company’s spring steel division supplies other spring manufacturers and steel distributors, engineers and suspension specialists around Australia.

“Our success is based on our custom designs, service focus and quick turnaround times,” John said.

“Our spring customers generally require small order quantities, tailored to their specifications, within a relatively short space of time.

“Imported off-the-shelf products don’t fulfil those needs.

“I continue to be amazed by the wide application of our products and the many uses for our springs.

“For example, our springs have been used in machinery, fire engines, kitchen appliances and plane restorations, and just recently we manufactured a one-off spring for a bakery oven door.

“We’ve also been able to capture the national niche market for spring steel with the ability to supply small quantities across a diverse range of sizes.”

John said that having grown up around spring manufacturing, he didn’t want to see his family’s expertise lost to South Australia forever.

“Once South Australia loses its manufacturing skills, we’ll never get them back,” he said.

“The demise of manufacturing in South Australia is disappointing. While the focus has shifted towards advanced manufacturing, there’s still a need to maintain traditional skills that allow us to make custom products.

“If we don’t have that ability, there’ll be nowhere for people to go when they need products made to order in a hurry.

“I’m proud to continue my family’s legacy to keep our manufacturing expertise in South Australia.”
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